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Roasted or Green

We have no minimums. We are happy even on mixed orders for green and roasted coffee beans

Any Special ..

Email us any special instructions or request. We will do our best on them, like friends do.


Orders up to 2kgr flat rate.Orders up to 150E free in the EU. No other charges/fees.

If you say that someone is on a roller coaster, you mean that they go through many sudden or extreme changes in a short time.

This is coffee for us ..

Taste these coffees because ..


What You See Is What You Get. No fancy bags with labels full of content only. Close up photos of the beans exactly as the ones you will taste !

Biotrē™ 2.0: 60% compostable /100% renewable, including the valve packaging. We use this outstanding packaging for all 250 grams orders of roasted coffee to protect both the coffee and the planet.

  • Roast to Order

Yes, this is true ! We roast the day after we get your order. Even on Sundays if you email us and need to. We are a small company so we can do anything possible for better roasted beans. As for ourselves !

Every single coffee bag in any 500 grams order is certified CO2-neutral. Using this outstanding packaging protects your roasted coffee and the planet.

  • Roast to Shipping

Yes, it sounds difficult but we try hard to save time so you will have your order as soon as possible.
Roast to shipping cycle will be just one day (24 hours max) !

  • A little bit More

A 250 Grams Biotrē™ bag has enought space for a few more grams. So for every bag you paid for please enjoy a close to 5% more beans for free !


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