We simply offer ..

For the coffee lovers community.

How it all began –

RR is a boutique nano roastery owned by friends. As everyday coffee addicted we try hard to taste good coffees.

We invite you to get only the ones we love and roast as good as possible.

We prefer to send you only whole bean coffee. We roast and packed same day using European made bags with valves.

We do anything possible to ship with care as your coffee jewel diverse so.

In case you will need any more information about your coffee or its preparation we are always happy to reply your messages.


The RR team.

What we offer you with every single order ..

  • Worldwide delivery .. in acceptable shipping time great for your coffee freshness.
  • Secure and Easy Payment via PayPal .. without any extra fees.
  • 24/7 Support .. via email messages ! Even on Sundays.
  • Free shipping .. for any order for green or roasted beans with total value of 119E ex Vat !
  • Notifications when we roast, when we ship including the tracking number.
  • Regular sales .. from time to time for a short period of time pay less and get more !

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