iLLubabor Natural - Gesha Village


  • Country : Ethiopia
  • Score: 87-89
  • Bag Size : 250 grams

  • iLLubabor Natural

Nowadays, Gesha Village is known for producing one of the best cup profiles in the world. In doing so, the Meanit people, local inhabitants and protectors of Gesha, thrive.

Gesha Village Coffee Estate cultivate their coffee lots, both natural and washed from different farms, or as they like to call them blocks. These are: Bangi, Narsha Gaylee, Dimma, Shaya, Oma, Surma and Shewa-Jibabu. There, varieties like Gesha 1931, Gori Gesha, Illubabor Forest and other mixed varieties are harvested between November and February.

This is iLLubabor Forest 49 Natural Gaylee Block. Soft spicy favors with lime, coriander and a pointed acidity an absolutely incredible coffee! Truly a gem from the Gesha Village estate.

In conclusion, a very memorable coffee ! It is at its best when you brew it as a pour over for instance via the V60 or as wild SO espresso as well !

  • Country : Ethiopia
  • Farm : GESHA Village (Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel)
  • Region : Southwest Ethiopia
  • Varietal(s) : Illubabor 1974
  • Growing elevation : 1900-2100 m.a.s.l.
  • Processing : Natural
  • Profile, Aroma and Flavor notes : Wild with jasmine, honey and passion fruit standing out. Tropical Fruit, Blueberry, Lemon-Lime. The body is sweet with finishes of melon and honeydew
  • Score: 87-89 (Specialty Coffee Scoring)
  • Bag Size : 250 grams
  • Information you may need ..

SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) scores coffee in a process called cupping in ten different areas in order to reach a coffee score (Specialty Coffee Scoring). The summation gives the overall score of the coffee.

We prefer send you only whole beans in Biotre packaging. This way your coffee will be more fresh and less stressed due to traveling when you taste it.

In case you need to grind your coffee somehow please leave a comment in the comment section so we tried to do our best to grind your coffee in the proper way.




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