Honduras Nueva Alianza Microlot


  • Country : Honduras
  • Score: 84-86
  • Bag Size : 250 grams

  • Honduras Nueva Alianza Microlot

Nueva Alianza means “New Alliance” and this microlot certainly represents a strong, new alliance between the producers in this community ! Producers in this community take care of the quality and are
eager to have their hard work and good agronomical practices recognized. They’ve worked together to improve their farming and processing procedures, and focused on both quality and productivity. Nueva Alianza, near the communities of Concepcion del Horno and El Sute, is about an hour’s drive up the mountains, off the main road through Comayagua. You will enjoy brewing this Honduras Nueva Alianza Microlot because of all-arounder characteristics via the V60 or as sweet SO espresso  !

  • Country : Honduras
  • Farm : Molinos de Honduras (a group of 20 producers)
  • Region : Central Region, Comayagua
  • Varietal(s) : Catimor, Lempira & IHCAFE 90
  • Growing elevation : 1500 to 1650 m.a.s.l.
  • Processing : Washed
  • Profile, Aroma and Flavor notes : Dried fruits aroma, raisin, dark chocolate, floral with notes of green tea with silky body and an orange like acidity and finish
  • Score: 84-86 (Specialty Coffee Scoring)
  • Bag Size : 250 grams
  • Information you may need ..

SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) scores coffee in a process called cupping in ten different areas in order to reach a coffee score (Specialty Coffee Scoring). The summation gives the overall score of the coffee.

We prefer send you only whole beans in Biotre packaging. This way your coffee will be more fresh and less stressed due to traveling when you taste it.

In case you need to grind your coffee somehow please leave a comment in the comment section so we tried to do our best to grind your coffee in the proper way.



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