Ethiopia Gedeb Mekuria Merga Washed


  • Country : Ethiopia
  • Score: 87-89
  • Bag Size : 250 grams

  • Ethiopia Gedeb Mekuria Merga Washed

Four washing stations with this name produced the Ethiopia Gedeb Mekuria Merga Washed coffees. This particular washing station is located in Gedo, in the woreda of Gedeb. It receives cherries from around 500 small farmers. The attention to detail in the processes in the Mekuria Merga washing stations is impressive ! So it comes as no surprise that coffees coming from these stations are amazingly delicious. They also give us just the right touch of complexity to the cup.

Family members harvested the coffee cherries. They hand-sorted cherries to remove unripe and overripe cherries. Then cherries delivered to the washing station for processing. The cherries soaked in water so the healthy cherries will sink. The diseased and damaged cherries will float and are skimmed off and removed. The cherries will then be moved to the drying beds. Under-ripe and defective cherries will be sorted out by hand during the first days

This coffee is really amazing ! Intensely, punch in the face perfumed with lavender, florals, bergamot orange and tea notes. Very layered with lots of clarity. Sweet like grilled stone-fruit. Such a beautiful harmony of bitters, sugars and acidity.

In conclusion, this Grade 1 Ethiopian Washed is a great coffee ! It is at its best as SO espresso !

  • Country : Ethiopia
  • Farm : Various smallholder farmers
  • Region : Yirgacheffe
  • Varietal(s) : Heirloom
  • Growing elevation : 1850 – 2100 m.a.s.l.
  • Processing : Washed
  • Profile, Aroma and Flavor notes : Biscuity, Black Tea, Dark Chocolate, Mango, Stone Fruit.
  • Score: 87-89 (Specialty Coffee Scoring)
  • Bag Size : 250 grams
  • Information you may need ..

SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) scores coffee in a process called cupping. During cupping coffee scores in ten different areas in order to reach a coffee score (Specialty Coffee Scoring). The summation gives the overall score of the coffee.

We prefer send you only whole beans in Biotre or CO2 neutral packaging. This way your coffee will be more fresh and less stressed due to traveling when you taste it.

In case you need to grind your coffee somehow please leave a comment in the comment section. We tried to do our best to grind your coffee in the proper way.



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