Finca La Esmeralda Red Bourbon Microlot

8.00 29.00 

  • Country : Colombia
  • Score: 84-86

  • Finca La Esmeralda Red Bourbon Microlot

This microlot was grown at the La Esmeralda Farm in the Huila department of Colombia at 1600 meters above sea level. We love this Finca La Esmeralda Red Bourbon Microlot brewed as a pour over, via the V60 for example, to highlight its soft bodied cup with light citric acidity and round finish. Balanced as an SO espresso as well !

  • Country : Colombia
  • Farm : Finca Esmeralda
  • Region : Huila
  • Varietal(s) : Red Bourbon
  • Growing elevation : 1600 m.a.s.l.
  • Processing : Washed
  • Profile, Aroma and Flavor notes : Medium body, Light acidity, Caramel sweetness with notes of lime and cherry
  • Score: 84-86 (Specialty Coffee Scoring)
  • Bag Size : 250 grams
  • Information you may need ..

SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) scores coffee in a process called cupping in ten different areas in order to reach a coffee score (Specialty Coffee Scoring). The summation gives the overall score of the coffee.

We prefer send you only whole beans in Biotre packaging. This way your coffee will be more fresh and less stressed due to traveling when you taste it.

In case you need to grind your coffee somehow please leave a comment in the comment section so we tried to do our best to grind your coffee in the proper way.



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