Panama Gesha Natural Anaerobic


  • Country : Panama
  • Score: 90+
  • Bag Size : 250 grams

  • Panama Gesha Natural Anaerobic

The Hartmann family is one of the pioneers of the specialty coffee production in Panama.

Today Finca Hartmann is a family enterprise – each member of the family is passionately involved in the management. Each member performs a different function in the growth, production and tourism of the farm. Coffee for them is a way of living, their culture, their family – a lot of work, but also a lot of love. Their employees come return every year, as do their buyers, because they like their vision: work together with nature, work the land without destroying it. The coffee is grown under the shade of native rain forest trees that have been there for many years. The Hartmanns try not to cut trees, they replant native trees and plantains to maintain the natural cycle and a healthy soil and fauna.

This microlot fermented anaerobically. They placed the cherries, immediately after they have picked them, in a sealed steel tank and fermented in an oxygen-free environment for eight days. The beans are then dried on African beds until they reach 14% residual moisture in about 12 days. In addition they placed the beans in dryers until they reach a residual humidity of about 11.50% in about six days.

This Panama Gesha Natural Anaerobic is a competition lot called “Black Sheep” great for filter extractions or as SO espresso you remember.

  • Country : Panama
  • Farm : Finca Hartmann
  • Region : Santa Clara, Volcan area – Chiriqui Province 
  • Varietal(s) : Gesha
  • Growing elevation : 1800 m.a.s.l.
  • Processing : Natural – Anaerobic fermentation
  • Profile, Aroma and Flavor notes : Passion fruit, rose, mandarin, lavender, butter scotch. Pleasant lactic acidity, smooth body.
  • Score: 90+ (Specialty Coffee Scoring)
  • Bag Size : 250 grams
  • Information you may need ..

SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) scores coffee in a process called cupping in ten different areas in order to reach a coffee score (Specialty Coffee Scoring). The summation gives the overall score of the coffee.

We prefer send you only whole beans in Biotre packaging. This way your coffee will be more fresh and less stressed due to traveling when you taste it.

In case you need to grind your coffee somehow please leave a comment in the comment section so we tried to do our best to grind your coffee in the proper way.